Top Tips on How to Get Over a Break-up

Struggling to get over a break-up? Try these tips on for size to mend your broken heart and not only survive the pain but strive.



Recovering from a case of a broken heart is no easy feat. Whatever end of the break-up you were on, the pain of splitting up can be severe and intense.

As many times as your friends and family may tell you to move on, it is much easier said than done. The agony experienced during a break-up is like no other, even if you were aware that the relationship was done.

To that end, life coach Carole Ann Rice has compiled her top tips on how to come out of a break-up stronger than ever.

Acknowledge your feelings – Give yourself time to feel angry or weak and allow it to come. By setting aside times to be alone and have a good cry, you’re enabling yourself to authentically feel and work through your emotions. Don’t repress or supress what you’re feeling as this will only come up in blame and anger later on. Emotions aren’t something you can toss on the backburner; learn how to feel.

Self-care everyday – Look after yourself; we’re talking massages, a facial, boxset binges, chill out time. The starter pack to this can include everything from watching your favourite movie with two tubs of Ben & Jerry’s to streaming the perfect Broken Hearts playlist on Spotify.

Phone a friend – Find yourself a good friend, someone who lets you get everything off your chest and say everything you’ve ever wanted to say about your ex. Hashing it out with a friend – complaining, crying, and ranting – gives you a chance to verbalise your feelings. In return for this be a good friend back! Don’t just dump all your baggage on them, but just ask someone to listen to you and get it out of your system, but make sure you’re there for them, too.

Don’t rush a rebound – You’ll just take your baggage with you if you’re not fully healed. Giving yourself a gentle pace and setting aside time to grieve and wallow (though, we’re not exactly suggesting scheduling a 10-minute crying session in your iCalendar, but if that works for you…).

Welcome in the new you – Have your hair done, join a new hobby group, learn a language – distract yourself with something that’s good for you, something you’ve always wanted to do but never had chance. Not only will this reinvigorate your daily life, it’ll show you that life goes on post-relationship, and you’re still a person even if you’re no longer a couple. You’ve survived before and you’ll survive again.

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