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Balyage is one of the most talked about and instagrammed hair colour trends of the year, everyone from Jessica Alba to Lily Aldridge is rocking the effortless, grown-out and super low-maintence look and we can totally see why this hair colour technique has become such a huge trend.
We spoke to Shannon Lewis, Colour Director at Daniel Galvin and asked her to give us the expert low-down on the balyage trend, here’s what she said…

1.What exactly is balayage?

It’s a freehand colouring technique, originally created in France. ‘Balayage’ itself is a French word that means to ‘sweep’ not paint. The technique allows us to create seamless, sun kissed looks without the high maintenance regrowth as it grows through so softly

2. In your opinion why do you think balyage has become so popular and which colours are most in demand?

A lot of people are opting for the softer and most natural balayage colours as everyone has such busy lifestyles, so it makes it a lot easier to maintain without having to keep coming back into the salon every 6 weeks to have highlights and regrowth refreshed. Balayage allows you to have a beautiful and natural hair colour without dedicating the time and financial commitment of having to keep coming back into the salon. I also think balyage has become so popular because of the power of social media and the huge influence celebrity hair trends very quickly escalates, before you know it everyone wants it!

3. Can anyone have balyage, or is it best for a particular hair type or length?

Balyage is a super flexible technique that can be used to cater to all hair types, lengths and hair colours and works for mostly everyone except for cropped hairstyles as there is not enough hair to create that ‘grown-out’ look that balyage is all about.
4. Which celebrities who have had balyage stand out to you?

Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigan, Sofia Vergara
5. Why do you think people love this hair colour technique so much?

I think people love the versatility and the fact it is a colour completely bespoke to you and looks very natural. Balyage requires very little maintenance as it grows out flawlessly, so you have more time in-between appointments. Natural hair is beautiful hair it’s all about enhancement.

6. Is this technique popular at Daniel Galvin?

This technique is super popular at Daniel Galvin! Balayage is popular with a lot of my clients ranging from Arab Royals to young school leavers. The finish can be as soft and natural or bold and striking as you would wish.

7. Do you have any expert tips on how best to maintain and look after the colour to keep it looking it’s best?

Use olaplex through your whole colour service. Olaplex is a bond multiplier that repairs and strengthens the hair from the inside out, the only permanent repair treatment and make sure you take home ‘Olaplex Part 3’ to use once a week. Also Invest in a good colour care shampoo, mask and heat protector after investing time and money into your hair it’s important to not neglect it.

8. What do you predict will be the next big hair colour trend?

We will see the “ronze” trend creeping back in and I also predict there will be a lot of vibrant copper/oranges.


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