Wellness Trends to Look out for in 2017

Find your zen again this year with these trends set to shape our health and happiness

Wellness is going nowhere; we’re more invested in harmonising our minds, bodies and souls than ever.

But how will we keep those good vibes going through 2017? Here are some of this years trends to look out for.

Forest Bathing


We’re a bit behind on this one – it’s already a well-known concept in Japan, with a quarter of the population said to regularly participate in the immersive, natural experience.

Translated from the Japanese ‘shinrin-yoku’, meaning ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’, this is meditation 2.0. The idea is that you quietly enjoy and explore a natural forest environment, honing in on your senses to tune into the forest’s sounds, smells and colours. So you, are the most pure form, ‘bathing’ your senses with the forest.

Why it’s good for wellness: Research found that this practice can reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate and cortisol levels to help you relax. Plus, it promotes mindfulness and a way to tune into your sense.

Digital Detoxing

digital detox

Our obsession with everything digital was bound to hit a wall, and this year, the backlash against being glued to our phones, tablets or laptops is already gaining traction.

2017 looks set to be the year we yearn for ‘digital detox’ retreats, a place where we can go and switch off the world, figuratively and literally.

Why it’s good for wellness: Kay Pennington, Aqua Sana Group Spa Manager, comments: “Technology is an acute cause of stress as we’re never able to unplug ourselves from the constant demands of our work and online social lives. What we need to truly relax and be at peace with ourselves is time away from notifications and invites, to reflect on how we feel and form closer bonds with those around us.”

Sexual healing


Sex and sensuality are high up on the wellbeing agenda for 2017, as we’re going to embrace, enhance and embolden our sexuality.

From Sex Dust, a “sexy energy” supplement Gwyneth Paltrow features on her lifestyle site Goop to aphrodisiac perfumes from Good Clean Love, formulated to activate the arousal mechanism in the brain through scent, a slew of similar – and equally sexy – products are hitting our shelves under the wellness hub.

Why it’s good for wellness: Lucie Greene Worldwide Director of The Innovation Group, JWT, explains: “Women’s sexual fulfilment has become another focus of attention as feminism reaches beyond an activist base. Within that, sensuality is being aligned to overall health. This also sits with the increasingly holistic view consumers have of health in general, seeing their bodies, minds and beauty as one ecosystem.”

Cool Cryotherapy

Cool Cryotherapy

This emerging health trend has something of a cult following in LA, and the UK looks set to follow suit.

Cryotherapy involves standing in a chamber of up to -90 degrees Celsius for a three minutes to fool your body into a flight or fight response – urging your body to ‘heal’ itself. It’s not for the faint hearted but it uses the basic principles of athletes around the world, who plunge their aching muscles into freezing cold ice baths.

Why it’s good for wellness: The cold temperature helps to increase metabolism, reduces inflammation, reduce swelling and even helps with sleep, anxiety and circulation too.

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