What Skincare, and Why Organic?

TLL spoke with Alessandra de Gregorio, Founder of Terre Verdi about what Organic skincare really means and why choose Organic over regular skincare products....


We are all trying to lead better lifestyles, and therefore eat better and choose better products for consumption. We look for unprocessed food for our diet, safer cleaning products that are less harmful to our health, and perhaps check the amount of synthetic ingredients present in skincare products as well.
While the harm caused to our body is more obvious if we chose processed food or strong cleaning agents, it is less obvious when using skincare. We are attracted to an expensive, yet well-advertised anti-aging cream that claims to do wonders to our extra lines and overall appearance, or face and body cleansing products that have a great scent, but may be harmful due to their synthetic ingredients (take SLSs and fragrances for instance).
Our skin is a barrier to the internal organs of our body, but we often forget that the skin is the largest organ of them all. It is there to protect the body, but the skin can also “notify” us if something is wrong internally. Take for instance acne, which is a sign of hormonal imbalances, or dry skin, which tells us that we are dehydrated.
A “cream” can help with acne or dry skin, but it is not going to solve the problem!
If you experience itchy skin for instance, it could be caused by stress. In a way then, we need to thank our skin for flagging the imbalance, and need to address the problem at source.

Using organic products is the next step to healthier skin and body, but we need to be careful as the words natural and organic are not regulated and so some companies can claim their products are natural or organic even if they are adding only 1% of natural or organic ingredients. This is a bit misleading, but knowledge is key. If you are not already aware of this and prefer to use organic products, just look at the labels more closely. Which ingredients appear as organic in the ingredient list? Is the product certified organic? If it is certified organic, then there is a great chance that 95% of the product is organic.
Recent research suggests that organically-grown products contain significantly less traces of pesticide and are more nutritional than non-organic ones. Our skin needs nutrition just like the rest of the body and fully organic products will provide more nourishing ingredients; these can in turn help relieve specific conditions as well.
Terre Verdi use botanicals and analyse their properties, then formulate soothing and nourishing skincare, which is certified organic with COSMOS. A few of our formulations include Calendula, known for its great healing and anti-inflammatory properties, or Pomegranate oil, which is full of anti-oxidants and good fatty acids. The uplifting aromatherapy essential oils added to our formulations can play a positive effect on the mood as well. We work for the wellbeing of the whole body via the skin.
Embrace the Planet. Embrace Yourself!

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