12 tips to keep heating bills down

Fuelling the house is one of the largest expenses for UK families according to the Office for National Statistics, so following the warming guidance below could leave more disposable income to spend on things like Christmas presents.

From closely monitoring your heating temperature to DIY insulation, this easy guide will have you warmer and wealthier in no time at all.

We’ve got some handy little tips that’ll help:


  1. Turn that thermostat down. Every single degree lower could save you several pounds per week. Experts recommend 18C as an ambient level, rather than a costly 20C or 25C.


  1. Leave the oven door open after cooking. A box full of toasty 200C air released into the kitchen will be the perfect remedy to stave off the cold in the evening.


  1. Keep a jumper on. Throwing an extra layer down as soon as you get home from work is literally throwing money away. The more clothes you put on, the less the heating will be on and you’ll be saving cold hard cash in no time.


  1. Tin foil behind the radiators. Cutting sheets of this kitchen essential to fit behind radiators will work wonders for the temperature of a room. The tin foil will use its scientific properties to reflect hot air back into the room, rather than allowing it to drift away through cold walls.


  1. Move your furniture. Directly blocking a radiator with something like a bulky sofa or chair will trap the heat and not help anyone get warm this winter.


  1. Close your curtains. Why let all that cosy hot air seep through cold glass windows, when you can block its escape by simply drawing your curtains or blinds.


  1. Draft-proof. Plugging all those little holes around the house will make a big difference to your heating bills. Simple gaffer tape can be used to seal cracks in floors and walls, whilst the bottom of doors could be blocked with old clothes, towels or specifically purchased draft-excluder.


  1. Forage for firewood. Any fuel you find in the woods is free and then if your fire burns for longer, the heating will need to be on less and those bills will be smaller.


  1. Get a hot water bottle. Sometimes the old ones are the best; using a traditional hot water bottle in bed could lead to a significant reduction in overnight heating bills.


  1. Buy a rug. It may sound simple, but you won’t be so cold walking around the house if you cover those wooden or laminate floors with an insulating cotton rug.


  1. Open doors. If you have a lovely south facing room that gets loads of direct sun light, it will naturally be the warmest in the house – leaving the door open will allow that heated air to circulate around the house.


  1. Close doors. Yes, both. Once the sun has set, close the door to your living room or bedroom to keep all that cosy air trapped inside.



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