8 Non-Surgical Beauty Hacks You Need to Know About

Ever thought about going under the knife to fix your body hang-ups? There’s no need with these tips…


Well-applied makeup, clever clothing and a few dietary changes can make a world of difference to your appearance – and if you’re thinking about going under the knife to change something about the way you look, it might be a cheaper and easier way to fix it.

Here, the experts at have shared their insider tips:

  •  Get fuller lips with a toothbrush

Want a Kylie Jenner pout without the fillers? Try lightly brushing a toothbrush across your lips. It’ll increase the blood flow to your lips, making them appear plumper.

  • Slim your nose with make-up

Skip the plastic surgeon and try contouring instead.

Make sure you pick a contour colour that matches your skin colour. If you’re cooler toned – go for a contour kit that’s an ashier brown. If you have a warmer skin shade – you’re better off with a bronzy colour. Simply, contour down both sides of the nose and it you want to make it look even slimmer, highlight other areas of your face, like your cheeks.

  • Fake bigger boobs or bum with padding

You can buy good push up bras anywhere – so go out and invest in a decent one. Make sure you’re properly fitted. If you still need a little help, try breast-enhancing fillets.

For the bum, try a bit of bum padding to lift your backside and give you those desired curves.

  • Flatten your tummy with control undies

Liposuction or a tummy tuck may seem like the easiest way to shed the pounds – but no pain, no gain. Cut out the treats and head down to the gym instead.

There is, however, a cheat’s way to give you a helping hand – control undies. We’ve all worn them at some point and they are a must to give you a smooth streamlined shape.

  • Use extensions for thicker or longer hair

Did you know that your hair only grows a centimetre a month? So, if you’re trying to grow out a style or just want longer locks, it’s all about being patient.

Unless, of course you decide to try a wig or hair extensions. Good quality hair extensions can take you from a cropped style to luscious long locks in minutes.

If you suffer from thinning hair, it’s certainly worth trying some of the hair growth shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments. These will help to stimulate and quicken hair growth.

  • Change your diet to smooth your skin

Skin peels are popular among women who want to remove fine lines, prevent aging and achieve clearer skin.

But you can get similar results by making dietary changes. Ditch the sugary treats and white carbs and replace them with wholegrain carbs like brown rice.

  • Swap dark circles for an earlier night

Dark circles and bags under your eyes are all part of aging. You can opt for laser treatment or injectable filler but there are some simple changes you can make that are surgery-free.

Getting enough sleep is a must, and cut down on the caffeine and booze. These can cause mild dehydration, making the circles more obvious. Also, try using a concealer a shade lighter than your normal one for under eyes. This should brighten them up.

  • Chisel cheekbones with good contouring

To get perfectly chiselled cheekbones, you don’t need fillers. Simply lightly dust some contour powder from the tip of your ear, down to your nostril (this is usually where your cheekbone is). Work your way from the top to the bottom in circular motions, so the product blends into your cheek. Finish with a dust of highlight on the top of the contour line.


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