Rapid Transformational Therapy – is it for you?

Hypnotherapy’s healing powers


Although a popular complementary treatment for issues such as weight loss, anxiety and addictions, hypnotherapy is still regarded by some as ‘messing with the mind’.

Having healed ‘incurable’ rare disorders, and helped Hollywood celebrities, sports stars and royal families overcome deep emotional pain, multi-award-winning inventor of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Marisa Peer,tells TLLwhy there’s nothing to fear.

How does RTT differ from other hypnotherapies?

RTT works faster and achieves permanent results. It always looks for and treats what lies beneath every client’s issue. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and talk therapy treat symptoms rather than root causes, with results that frequently wear off. RTT is more thorough, addressing the root of the issue and quickly resolving it in up to three sessions, often only one.

RTT is beyond hypnotherapy, but hypnotherapy itself is not dangerous or scary. It’s an excellent way to establish and fix the problem’s root. Always choose a registered therapist, who will ensure no harm can come to you. You can never be made to do anything you don’t want to. A healing, deeply relaxing experience, hypnotherapy maximises your potential so you can be the best.

Who does RTT work for?

Clients with a wide variety of issues:

  • Addicts who haven’t been fully cured with rehab
  • Lack of confidence/self-esteem
  • Weight issues
  • Fertility or other medical issues that often have a psychosomatic base
  • Money blocks
  • Relationship problems
  • Children with fears/phobias
  • Unhappy teens
  • Stressed-out executives
  • Those with wealth/fame but who still feel inadequate
  • Health issues such as migraines, skin conditions, IBS
  • Sexual problems
  • Stress, anxiety, depression

“RTT addresses and resolves the issue’s root cause in between one and three sessions”

How does RTT work?

Questions – an RTT therapist asks very specific questions using Marisa’s regression technique via hypnosis to elicit the information a client needs in order to make changes.

Recording and repetition – clients receive a personal recording to listen to for 21 days, because the mind learns by repetition. This will permanently wire in the desired changes, through dynamic, powerful, descriptive and personally relevant wording. Many hypnotherapists issue a standard relaxation recording, which can lack effectiveness as it is not personal to the client.

Speed –because RTT is so precise and so powerful, most people only need up to three sessions.

RTT success stories

  • Clients who are free of depression after two or three sessions
  • Women with years of unsuccessful treatment for unexplained infertility, who then get pregnant
  • Children who’ve been bullied (and bullies) that completely transform how they feel about themselves
  • People who can’t find love because they lack confidence, then find lasting love
  • Addicts who transform once they understand the root of their addiction
  • People who overcome money blocks then achieve great success
  • Those who find high self-esteem and increased confidence to follow their dreams
  • Clients who can maintain their weight loss when nothing else has worked.

RTT costs vary by region, and start from £150 per 1.5-hour session for children, and more for adults, with most clients needing between one and three sessions.

To find your nearest RTT qualified therapist visit:  Visit https://findatherapist.marisapeer.com

Or for more information on training as a therapist yourself visit:  www.rapidtransformationaltherapy.com 


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